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What a Way to Start the Season

Zach Piatt Sports Editor I woke up last Wednesday to “Bailando” as my alarm at 7 a.m. Butterflies ran through my stomach as I heated up my miniature pancakes in the microwave.  As I waited for my breakfast, I stared at the quote I wrote on my whiteboard the night before. It read “Game Day […]

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Top 10 Ridiculous Things High School Students Hear

Rachel Haywood Editor in Chief As this school year comes to a close, seniors are counting down the days until Spring Break, and more importantly the days until graduation. We are also preparing to move to college. The transition from high school to college could be the biggest change in our lives in the last four years. As […]

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Spring fashions arriving soon

By: Mariah Holland Staff Writer Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s never too early to get a quick start preparing for spring. Away goes the sweats, hats, scarves, boots, etc. What’s in for this season? Pastel colors, floral prints, polka dots, neon? Of course. Ladies, how about a classy pair of […]

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