Lefty Agler Finds Happiness

Zach Piatt
Sports Editor

August 2, 2014.

This date will forever ring in the mind of Alec Agler. Nothing compares to the low he felt on this summer day heading into his sophomore year of high school.

“In the beginning it seemed like I had no one, and my anger and depression was really bad,” says Agler. “No matter how happy I am there’s always this empty feeling I can’t explain.”

March 19, 2014.

Rewinding to freshman year, this was the day after baseball tryouts. This was the day the official baseball team roster was posted outside the athletic office at school. This was the day every freshman, including Alec, had anxiously awaited after all the fall workouts and winter conditioning. This was the day every player found out if their hard work had paid off.

Alec was one of those players who was on the fence. He was a pitcher who didn’t throw hard and had trouble with his command. The coaches took a chance on him, and Alec couldn’t have been happier seeing his name on the list.

“It was my biggest achievement I’ve ever made,” says Agler. “And knowing everybody was surprised by me making it was an even better feeling.”

April 21, 2017.

Alec woke up on this day knowing he was starting on the mound for the varsity baseball team. He had a couple relief outings beforehand, but this was the first time in his career Alec started on varsity.

“It is a feeling I dreamt of since ninth grade,” says Agler. “Being able to prove I’m good enough and show my hard work is awesome.”

“Aggie” as his teammates call him, has had both a physical and mental grind leading up to his senior season. He pitched decent on JV freshman year, was injured all of sophomore year, and never touched the mound as a junior. Alec eventually reached the point where he thought he may never see any varsity playing time. When his time finally came, he pitched quality innings and his team picked up the win.

“Alec’s work ethic was spurned on by his determination to be a better pitcher,” says Northrop head baseball coach, Matt Brumbaugh. “He decided what he was doing was not working, so his first transformation came in the weight room. He lost weight and gained muscle. He worked on his conditioning so his endurance was better.”

August 2, 2014.

Alec says he can’t put into words how he felt that day shortly after three in the morning. The feeling was indescribable, and it changed his live forever.

“I sadly watched my dad die,” says Agler. “There are always those times you need your dad for specific things. I’ve had to learn such things on my own. Every milestone I experience my dad isn’t there. It sucks, but I pull through.”

Alec’s parents were separated at the time of the incident, and he lived with his father full time. Alec says he and his father had a good relationship, so good that his dad is the reason he started playing baseball.

After the passing of his father, Alec felt as though he had no one to go to for comfort. His Bruin Baseball teammates felt his pain and came together to donate over $200 so Alec could buy a brand new glove.

“The guys at baseball would always cheer me up,” says Agler. “They care about me. Baseball is a second home to me.”

October 28, 2016.

Northrop’s baseball team is “Aggie’s” second family, but they aren’t the only ones helping him through his struggle. This is the date Alec started dating his current girlfriend, Micaiah.

“Micaiah makes everything easier,” says Agler. “She is not just my girlfriend but my best friend. She just makes me feel loved, and I appreciate that so much.”

May 15, 2017.

24 days after his first and only varsity start, Alec signed his letter of intent to continue playing baseball at Ivy Tech.

“There are very few players I have coached that have transformed from a marginal player to signing with a college program,” said Brumbaugh.

Alec had originally committed to enroll in the National Guard, but after receiving an offer from Ivy Tech right before basic training, he decided baseball was the way to go.

“It has always been a dream to play college ball,” says Agler. “This situation really trumped me when I was given the opportunity to play for Ivy Tech. I had to take it.”

Alec Agler (right), accompanied by his mother, takes in the moment after signing his letter of intent to play baseball at Ivy Tech. Alec is the first player to ever sign to play for Ivy Tech. Photo by Ben Yoss.

Alec has dedicated a large portion of his high school years to Northrop Baseball, and his effort is noticed all throughout the program. Teammates and coaches alike know and appreciate the time he’s put in.

“‘Aggie’s’ work ethic is up there with the best,” says Northrop senior catcher, Ben Keating. “I’m inspired in a way to push myself in similar ways throughout my career and life.”

“Aggie” pitched 13+ innings his senior season with 22 strikeouts and a 1.54 ERA. Ivy Tech is introducing baseball as an official school sport next year, and by signing to play for them Alec became the first ever Ivy Tech baseball commit.

“It’s such an honor,” says Agler. “It’s amazing to know 20 years later I’ll be able to say I was the first person to ever sign.”

August 2, 2014 is imprinted in Alec Agler’s memory, but boy has he made the most of life since then. He lost 30 pounds over the summer before his junior year. He signed to continue playing the sport he loves in college. He was given his team’s Most Improved Player award. He was chosen to receive Northrop Baseball’s coveted Stavreti Scholarship.

“I’m the happiest I have ever been,” said Agler.

Alec experienced what no high school student should have to, but fortunately for him and those around him, he found his happiness. As he moves on from high school, Alec knows he has someone special looking down on him.

“Everything I do is for you,” says Alec. “And I know you’re always by my side, never forgotten.”


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