7 Ways to Prepare for Finals

Melissa Trevino
Marisol Sanchez

Staff Reporters

If you have any problems with studying or stressing out about finals, here are seven ways you can take to prepare yourself for the stressful road ahead.

  1. Get rid of stress: Go out! Have a calm and relaxing day to get rid of the thoughts that are causing you stress. Have a breather and enjoy the fresh sense of nature and take a walk. Eliminating stress is key.
  2. Time for study: Make some time up for studying by using your time wisely and not procrastinating. If you have a job and it takes up your day or if you have somewhere to be and you need time to study then just take the work with you and study on break. But of course don’t over do it  either. Think about your health too by not letting it get in the way of your sleeping or eating.
  3. Atmosphere: If you’re not comfortable and you can’t concentrate then you might want to change the setting. If it’s too cold or hot just change the temperature or go to another room. A great place to study is library, a cafe, or outside in nature.
  4. Eat breakfast to be concentrated: Eating breakfast is a wonderful thing to do because it gives you fuel throughout the whole day and it’s a good source of protein and it’s a good way to start out the mornings.
  5. Make it fun: Do not isolate yourself because then all you’ll think about is grades and that will just stress you out even more. Make it fun and come up with simple games. Since studying is boring, you might as well make games out of it to pass the time.
  6. Get friends involved: Studying by yourself is just not as fun as it would be with a friend. So might as well take advantage of it and study with a friend since you both have finals together well at the same time.
  7. Get a tutor: Yes school is hard. Let’s be honest, we’re not perfect at every single subject there is. There are some tough classes and you might as well get a tutor for finals. Studying will be easier because you have someone who can help you. Then you can ask questions and get one to one lessons.

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