Performing arts stand-out comes from humble beginnings

Isabella Rhodes
Features Editor


Snap crackle or pop? Jayden Cano? Snap. Snapping his fingers to the rhythm. Snap crackle or pop? Jayden Cano? Crackle. The sound of a mic turning on. Snap crackle or pop? Jayden Cano? Pop. The pop star of Northrop High School class of 2018.

Now he has being the star of his tenth production, Jekyll and Hyde, under his belt playing the proclaimed Doctor Henry Jekyll and infamous Edward Hyde.

Jayden Cano arrived at Northrop after finishing three years at Memorial Park Middle School, where his love for the arts and performing sparked. He says that he got introduced to performing through a joke.

“I did show choir my 8th grade year but I auditioned because of a dare me and my friend had… I decided to try out for show choir as a joke, got in, did it and then I saw Northrop Charisma Classique my 8th grade year and was like ‘Oh snap, that’s something I want to be apart of,’” he said.

Now he’s playing lead roles as a junior in high school, this past fall he played John Proctor in Northrop’s production of The Crucible. When being asked about his dream role he says Roger from Rent or Aaron Burr from Hamilton. On the path he’s on, don’t be surprised if you see him singing “Another Day” or “Dear Theodosia.” If not then maybe he’ll direct your kids in whatever performing arts class they take. Cano says that he would like to be a teacher but he can’t decide if he wants to be Miller (Northrop’s lead theater teacher) or Maupin (Northrop’s show choir director). Cano says, “I’d like to inspire other kids or other people to be or do what I do, so I’d like to be a teacher or director.”


Cano is also more than just performing, he finds fun in playing video games, skateboarding and playing guitar (despite shining in Northrop’s talent show with his acoustic cover of “Hey Ya” by Outkast) in his free time.


He also spends his time cultivating knowledge and opinions on the world, as shown in a series of speed round questions:

Lila Landis and Jayden Cano played Jon and Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible. Photo by John O’Conner.

Favorite Sport – Soccer


Favorite Actor – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Favorite Food – Pizza

Favorite Song – “Heard ‘Em Say” by Kanye West

Favorite Album – “Dark Side of The Moon” by Pink Floyd

Favorite Movie – “Stand by Me”

Favorite TV Show – “The Flash”

Least Favorite TV Show – “Supernatural”

Least Favorite Movie – None, “I don’t think I’ve seen a movie I really hate,” he admits

Least Favorite Album – “Anything by Nickelback”, Cano says

Least Favorite Song – “Praying 4 A Brick” by Lil’ B

Least Favorite Food – Miracle Whip

Least Favorite Actor – Seth Rogan “I love him but he basically plays himself in every movie,” he explains

Least Favorite Sport – Cricket

His Skin Care Routine – Nothing “I just splash a bit of water on my face”, Cano says

Seen here during rehearsal, Jayden Cano starred in Jekyll and Hyde, the musical. Photo by Alex Luther.

If you wanted to know anything else about Jayden Cano, he says he’s a very open person, “I feel like people already know everything I want them to know everything I want them to know about me. Um, I’m Guatemalan, contrary to popular belief, I’m not white,” he said.


Go ahead and ask him if you see him roaming the halls. If you missed him in last week’s musical Jekyll and Hyde, don’t worry, he’s only a junior and sure to impress in theater

and show choir next year.



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