High schoolers fall flat on tipping etiquette

Bailey Claar



I have serious beef with some teenagers. Sure, the new level of responsibility you’re experiencing is confusing. The economy is messed up and high schoolers are not exactly the wealthiest demographic. Things you never had to experience like filing taxes and filling your gas tank have now made permanent residence in your lives, and the pursuit of money (part-time jobs) is ultimately draining.

While I can admit these things aren’t pleasant, neither is being a server that receives no tip from a rowdy party of teenagers. Here is a little help on how to be a responsible restaurant goer on a high school budget.


If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat.

Harsh, I know! But honest. Consider tip part of the bill. Servers make less than $3 an hour because they are considered tipped employees, if you don’t tip much or at all you have contributed to slave labor, basically.


A good tip is 20%.

Multiply your bill by .2 and you’ll have a solid tip! A tip that will make your server realize you aren’t trash and restore their faith in the millennial generation.


Be respectful!

Notice the job title is “server” and not “servant”. It’s important to treat your waiter like you would any other person. They have their own lives, troubles and could possibly be having a rough shift. Not to mention waiters are often young people trying to make ends meet.


I realize going out to eat is pleasant, but so is being paid properly. In all reality, high schoolers and waiters have a lot in common: you’re both dealing a bunch of stuff you don’t want to. Make sure to be on your best behavior next time you enjoy a meal at a restaurant and show your waiter common courtesy.

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