Kylie Jenner lip kits create buzz

Melissa Trevino

Marisol Sanchez

Staff Writers
The Candy K Lip Kit, Koko K Lip Kit, and Koko K Gloss are just a few of the popular lip products on Kylie Jenner’s website.  This is Jenner’s first cosmetic line to hit the market and is creating a large buzz online.    

The Koko K Kit has a light chocolaty smell and sweet taste. Once applied, it has a smooth consistency that later becomes dry on the lips’ surface. “I love the smell of the kit, but after a while the lipstick gets flaky.” Breana Strab stated.


As shown above and below, the Candy K Lip Kit is beautiful. With the sweet vanilla fragrance it’s just a magnificent, Kylie made a did not make the wrong decision on making this a lip kit. When wearing it, however, it tends to be dry and it’s sort of difficult and tough to remove. 


The Koko K Gloss was the first gloss that launched on the cosmetics line. It has a wide variety of scents, an amazing vanilla scent with a touch of coconut. Magically, it fits perfectly with all skin tones. Like the other two lip kits, it’s dry for a gloss.



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