Northrop Star Athlete Ready to Travel World

Zach Piatt
Sports Editor

If you go to Northrop High School, you’ve probably heard the name Skyler Myers. There’s a reason for that. Few students are more involved than Skyler, as she is a star on the volleyball team, captain of the softball team, and a part of many other activities.

One of these activities is Northrop’s tailgate, “The Den,” which she has been a part of all four years of high school. Myers is a senior leader of the tailgate this year, and the club’s teacher sponsor, Melissa Hirsch, has high praise for her.

“Skyler is a natural leader inside the classroom and out,” said Hirsch.

Myers is most known at Northrop for her athletic success both on the volleyball court and the softball diamond. She is determined to win and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

“Skyler is an extremely hard worker,” says volleyball teammate, Taylor O’Reilly. “She leads by example and always has high expectations of herself and her team.”

Myers (7 in black) celebrates a point with teammates Taylor O’Reilly (9) and Bree Phillips (4). Myers was a captain of the volleyball team this year and is also hoping to be voted to a third All-SAC softball team. Photo by Macey Young.

Her physical talent paired with this drive has translated to success and recognition.

As a volleyball player, Myers won the Bruins’ Most Improved Player award her freshman year. She kept improving and made first team All-SAC as a sophomore. On the softball field, Myers was voted team MVP as a sophomore and junior while earning first team All-SAC honors both years.

“She’s the type of player you can count on to make the play,” says softball teammate, Ally Buchs. “When the ball is in her control, you’re not worried because you know she’ll always make the play.”

Skyler doesn’t plan on continuing her athletic career in college, and with one athletic season left in high school, she wants to see improvement. While she has another first team All-Conference nod in her sight, she wants to enjoy her last season with her team. Skyler led the Bruins to a 6-5 victory over Heritage in their first game of the season, going 3-4 at the plate.

“I want the team to work hard and improve from last year,” says Myers. “I want everyone to play well and work together so we can have fun.”

Having fun is one thing Skyler has no problem with. She is friendly and loves to joke around once you get to know her.

“What I like best about Skyler is her ability to have fun wherever she goes,” says Hirsch. “She’s the definition of ‘work hard, play hard.’”

Skyler definitely isn’t afraid to stand out. She goes all out during spirit week and tailgate events. Her favorite memory at Northrop so far was on Disney day when she dressed up as an anemone.

“When I walked into the cafeteria I got a standing ovation,” says Myers. “It was fun to see everyone’s reaction and make my way through classes trying to figure out how to sit down.”

Her costume included 130 balloons and took 90 minutes to create.

Skyler has contributed to other programs at Northrop outside of sports and tailgate. She was chosen to participate in an athletic student leader conference as a sophomore, hosted a German exchange student as a junior, and has volunteered for the Feed My Starving Children group the past two years. Skyler also took advantage of Northrop’s ICE program this year, which allowed her to have a job working at Wendy’s before school every morning.

“Skyler is the type of student and leader I enjoy having around because she knows how to get stuff done, never complains about putting in work, and always makes me smile,” said Hirsch.

After high school, Skyler plans to attend IUPUI but is unsure about what to study. What she is sure of is what she wants to do after college: travel. As long as money cooperates, she wants to circle the globe for an extensive period once she’s done with school.

“I really, really, really want to travel,” says Myers. “My dream plan is to work and save up enough money to drop everything and travel the world for a year or so.”

Skyler has loved her years as a Northrop Bruin. She’s one of the most involved students this school has seen, and she will be missed as she continues her journey.

“I’m excited to start my own independent life,” says Myers. “It’ll probably be scary at first, but I know I’ll get the hang of it.”


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