Plan your Spring Break for maximum fun

Camry Thomas
Co-Editor in Chief

March is coming to an end, and that means we are a week closer to spring break. There is definitely a hype over spring break during the high school years, and how to have a great one. Here you’ll find ways on how to have the best spring break ever.

How to have the best spring break ever:

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  • Have a set place: It doesn’t necessarily matter where you go. Florida, Georgia, North/South Carolina, or even places around the mid-west. If you have a set place, then you can start planning specific things to do.
  • Be with friends: Being with your friends, and creating memories is one of the best things to do during spring break. The possibilities are endless when you are with your friends. (It’s okay if you can’t be with them due to family stuff, you can have just as much fun with your family!)
  • Spring break playlist: It is essential to have a “lit” playlist, that gets you hype. Put some throwback bangers, some newer songs, and just rock out by yourself or with your friends.
  • Discover new places: Maybe you aren’t going to any exotic or beach place this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore. Look around the town for places you’ve never been before. Or take road trips with friends and drive to someplace new.
  • Do something you’ve never done before: Everything fun requires a little risk. So take risks this time around. Do it with friends or by yourself. Be spontaneous. Just don’t break the law (just bend it, a little).
  • Make memories: This was stated previously, but deserves its own number. Make unforgettable memories that you can (or can’t) tell your children and grandchildren years later. Make this year count.
  • Have fun: This goes without saying. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with. Have fun. This is your best spring break yet. Be happy, and have fun. Don’t spend time worrying about irrelevant stuff or even relevant stuff, let loose.




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