‘For Honor’ good, but not great

Darrien Rittner-Pendergraph
Staff Writer

Play as a Knight in Ubisoft’s “For Honor.” Photo via Creative Commons

For Honor is a fighting game made by Ubisoft, a company popular for making games like Assassin’s Creed.

When you start the game you get the choice of joining one of three factions. You may join the Vikings, Knights, or Samurai. Each faction has a hero though you can play as heroes from other factions. You may also switch factions, but you would lose all of your progress in the current Faction War.

The Faction War is a cross platform struggle between the three factions. The faction with the most territory after a couple of weeks wins that round in the faction war. You can help your faction gain territory by deploying War Assets. The War Assets can either attack, or defend territory. The faction with the most Assets in a section territory wins that section.

To acquire War Assets you have to play the multiplayer game modes. The game modes consist of Duels(1v.1), Brawls(2v.2), Deathmatch(4v.4), and Dominion.

A Duel is a five round match pitting two players against each other. The first player to win three rounds, wins the match. Brawls are the same as Duels, but with four players.

Deathmatch consists of two other game modes, Elimination and Skirmish. Elimination is the same as Duels, but with eight players.

Skirmish is an eight player game mode that requires you to kill enemies to gain points. It’s like normal Team Deathmatch in other games. However once a team reaches 1000 points, the opposing team cannot respawn when killed. When all team members on the team are dead you win. There is also A.I. in this game mode, but the biggest threat is the enemy players.

Dominion is like Skirmish, but you must capture and hold areas to gain points. There are a total of three areas marked A, B, and C. As with Skirmish the first team that reaches 1000 points gets the opportunity to eliminate the opposing team. There is also A.I. in this game mode too. They can be deadly if there is a mob surrounding you, but they are very easy to get rid of.

The most disappointing factor about the game is the “Campaign.” It is short. It consists of three chapters (one for each factions), that contain 6 levels each. Its story isn’t as engaging as it tried to be. The difficulty is also very easy. You shouldn’t have so much trouble beating the Campaign on hard.

The most fun to be had in this Campaign is the boss fights. They provide the most challenge, and can teach you how to fight better in multiplayer.

There are collectibles in the Campaign. You can break open pots for Steel, (which is the game’s currency), Emblem elements (character customization), and premium loot boxes (contains useful gear to equip your character in multiplayer). The game does expand its lore through observations that you can collects.

The campaign is worth going through, because it acts as a sort of tutorial for players, and teaches you about things you can do during fights. There is also a reward for completing it, which is about 3000 Steel.

In multiplayer you can play a total of twelve customizable heroes, which can level up for better gear. For the Knights you can play the Warden, the Conqueror, the Peacekeeper, and the Lawbringer. For the Vikings you have the Raider, the Warlord, the Berserker, and the Valkyrie. Lastly for the Samurai you can play the Kensei, the Shugoki, the Orochi, and the Nobushi.

Each hero has a unique play style like the Warden who focuses on attack, or the Berserker that who focuses more on dodging more than blocking.

You may customize your hero to your liking. You can equip them with gear, colors, emblems, skins, emotes, abilities, executions, and effects.

Abilities can be used in certain game modes like Deathmatch and Dominion. Gear provides stats for you character like more stamina, or more revenge time. There are “penalties” for gear. Let’s say you equip you character with a new chest piece that increases overall attack. The chest piece would also have negative effects on another stat like less stamina. Executions are brutal ways to kill an opponent that prevents them from being revived. Effects is purely cosmetic. All it does is add something like lightning when you execute someone, or having a dark aura surround you if you’re standing still. Emotes are also purely cosmetic, and can have effects added to them.

All of this can be bought with the game’s main currency Steel. Steel is obtainable through Contracts, daily missions, finding it in the Campaign, or playing multiplayer game modes. There are micro transactions involving steel, but the game never forces them on you. It is very easy to get steel especially through Contracts, and daily missions. Contracts and daily missions are extra objectives you can complete in multiplayer to gain more Steel and Experience.

You may also use Steel to buy loot boxes that contain gear you can use to better equip your character. The best type of loot box, Premium, can be obtained through a couple of ways. They can be found in the campaign, earned at the end of a round in the Faction War, and they can be bought for 500 Steel.

Overall the game is fun. However it is not worth it for its current price. There are issues where the game will crash at certain instances, connection losses, and also Character imbalances. The game is also really focused on multiplayer and not much else.

As stated though it is very fun. Although the Campaign is short, and there are issues you can still have a very entertaining experience. The game gives you twelve fully customizable characters, and plenty of multiplayer modes that do end up bringing you back to it day in and day out.

Game Rating: 7/10


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One Comment on “‘For Honor’ good, but not great”

  1. Paul and the Backlog March 31, 2017 at 9:28 am #

    Good post. I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of this game when I played it, but it pleasantly surprised me. It’s a good game, which is already better than I expected. It’s pretty darn fun too.

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