Meditation, Video Games Reduce Stress


Christian Dixie
Staff Reporter
Whether it’s school, work, or home, or the everyday activities in your life, stress can be an overwhelming part of life. There are several ways to relieve stress so you can have an easier time taking on everything life throws at you, positive and negative. Here are five ways to relieve stress.

#1: Meditating

Meditation is a great method to relieve stress and calm down from your day. There are many meditating apps like “

Calm” and other similar meditating apps you can download at the App Store or Google Play Store. Listening to a meditation video is not the only form of meditating you can do. You can use meditation to relieve stress, reflect, and simply unwind from all of your troubles.

#2: Video Games

Believe it or not, according to MakeUseOf, video games can be a stress reliever. You can play mobile, computer, and or console games to help comfort and reduce your stress . There’s several games you can play such as first-person shooter “Call of Duty”, or go for a virtual drive in a racing game like “Need For Speed” or “Gran Turismo”, but it doesn’t matter what your video game genre tastes are because all video games can decrease stress.

#3: Journaling

Journaling is a great way to relax and feel better by writing your feelings down on a piece of paper. If you are unable to express your feelings verbally to another person, writing your feelings on a piece of paper can allow you to not only change your life (If you write on a daily basis), but can heavily change the way you manage stress.

#4: Engage In Your Hobbies

Doing more of what you love will help reduce stress and make you more happier. Write down a list of activities that you love to do and post them around your room on the wall. It’s a good idea to do this when you’re stressed. Various activities can include playing video games, meditating, going for a drive, or anything that you love to do.

#5: Seek Solitude

At work and school, we are focused on everyone else and our work, but we rarely get alone time with ourselves. Try seeking solitude (Spending time with yourself) and combine that with engaging in your hobbies. Spending time with yourself can also have benefits. According to Psychology Today, benefits of spending time alone include: brain reboot and unwind, improvements in concentration and productivity, working through problems more effectively, and enhance the quality of your relationships with others.

These are just five ways to manage stress, but there are many more ways to relieve stress. If you put any or all 5 of these methods to use in your life, you will be changed for the better and you can handle anything that comes ahead of you with ease.


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