‘Senioritis’ educates student on tough truths

Kaley Walhart
Staff Writer

 I never thought ‘senioritis’ was a legitimate thing with seniors. Boy, was I wrong!

I have  never wanted to be done with high school as much as I do in this moment. Why keep trying when I have already been accepted into college? Why keep trying when I have more than enough high school credits to last me a lifetime?

We apply to our favorite colleges

and wait…

and wait…

and wait for that coveted acceptance letter telling us that we can leave these last four years in the past. That we can put the heartbreak and scandals behind us and move forward with our lives. But at the same time, I am bittersweet towards the idea of leaving, I have learned and gained so much that I will always be eternally grateful for.

In the span of eight months, I have let go my toxic relationship with my best friend of six years. I don’t regret the memories we created together. And I don’t regret these last six years in the least, but sometimes growing apart is growing up. Along the way though, through all of the recent tumult, I have gained the healthiest, the most encouraging, and the most loyal friendships with three of the most important people in my life right now.

I have contemplated quitting my job simply because I was not “good” at it.

April 23 will mark my one year of employment there.

One year of creating friendships that are as thick as thieves.

I have cried over the unexpected, devastating, and eye-opening death of a fellow senior and friend that I have laughed and joked with this year. I have finally took into consideration that anything can happen in the span of 24 hours. One day you can be the happiest and go-lucky kid of the century, and the next day become only a memory. Life is short and if we don’t take and create all the opportunities given to us, then what is the point?

His death has created a whole in all our hearts and an everlasting memory filled with laughter. Oddly enough, it helped me open my eyes to make something of myself while I have the chance.

I am learning that I have spent more than 500 days living to please to others. That is freshman, sophomore and junior year plus two months. Just to make sure that I turn myself into what they approve of and what they want to parade around for others to see, like some kind of circus animal. It’s taken me only 1 month to finally figure out and embrace that that…is not me in the slightest.

As a senior of 2017, I want nothing more than to let all of that go. Move on and start something new. I am not going to lie, I’m tired of all the bickering, slander, and bookwork. But I cannot help wondering that if in some way, I will miss it all — not a lot, but enough to cause a slight ache in my heart.


Is it an excuse to stop succeeding in school? Or is it our minds telling us to take risks, to take whatever necessary measures we need to to achieve our dreams, to take the jump into our future and get in touch with our untapped potential? To truly become who we are meant to be in the future.


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