“Thank you” Mr. President … for Motivation

Manny Arriaga
Staff Writer

Trump grandiosely claimed he would be a strong ally for the LGBTQ community, as he continues to be involved in our well-being apparently being a strong ally includes taking the rights away from transgender people.

What an ally you proved to be, Trump.


Screengrab from Donald J. Trump Twitter Feed

Trump directly offers gratitude to the LGBT community, expressing how much he plans on fighting for us.

Yes, Trump. Thank us for fighting for our rights and working long and hard to be able to finally use the bathroom we feel comfortable in.

Thank us for surviving and protesting long enough to actually continue striving for our own rights.

Thank us for being brave enough to present ourselves freely among a society that still hasn’t fully accepted our customs, even our presence.

Thank us for still standing as we face difficulties in employment, oppression, physical harm, sexual advances, murder, conversion therapy, and now, the stolen right in which prevents transgender people from using the restroom, which you delightfully took away from us because for some reason, you find yourself in the position where you decide who enters what bathroom based on what’s between their legs.

And we thank you, Trump, for making executive orders based on your comfort alone, rather than the comfort of others. We wonder what’s between your legs, too, because you must have some freakishly large balls to act in such a way.

The rights of trans people goes from respecting their pronouns, to addressing the fact that they are who they say they are, period. Whether one agrees with this “decision” is not of their concern whatsoever; we, as people, represent ourselves as to who we are, our gender and our biological sex having nothing to do with each other. Our bodies may appear however they are in the societal roles of being either male or female, however, they do not indicate our true gender. Gender is a completely mental indication, which refers to who and what we are in these roles, sometimes beyond that.

That being said, a woman born with male genitalia who represents themselves as a woman is, in fact, a woman. A man born with female genitalia who represents themselves as a man is, in fact, a man.

A man, whether cisgender or transgender, belongs in a men’s restroom. A woman, whether cisgender or transgender, belongs in a women’s restroom. Trump’s decision to reverse the law initiated by Barack Obama is only going to put transgender people in harm’s way, whether that being in school bathrooms, or even public.

To address the situation again, Donald Trump thanks us. He thanks us for putting up with his transphobic appeals, while we thank him for continuing to strip us of our rights.

Again, Trump, thank you.

You reminded us that there is a lot more to this battle for LGBTQ rights, as we foolishly thought we were closer to the goal.

Thank you for erasing the one law transgender people needed.

And thank you for giving us a reason to fight.


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