Northrop alum dances her way to success

Nicholas Wojtasinski

Staff Writer


Most kids in high school try to get a job. Many succeed. Sometimes the manager isn’t fun to work for. If only you could be your own boss like 2013 graduate Kayla Ellenwood.

Ellenwood opened the Pulse Dance and Performance Center on Coliseum Blvd. in 2014. The studio teaches ballet, hip hop, tap, tumbling and jazz dancing for all ages, but especially children.

At Northrop, she loved football games, prom, dances competitions and (of course) the spicy chicken sandwich.

Not surprisingly, her favorite subject was Mrs. Helmuth’s dance class.


“It was the class that taught me a lot about myself,” Ellenwood said.


Ellenwood admires her former dance teacher Helmuth, for guiding her and helping her become the teacher and performer she is today as well as finding her passion in dance.

“She was dedicated to the dance program. She was able to balance academics, dance rehearsals, and working” Helmuth said.


Kayla pursued her love for dancing by establishing her own classes to help others learn her craft. She also loves choreographing different dances and watching her work come to life during performances.


One of the things Kayla liked most about Northrop was the diversity and the fact that it was okay to be different than others. Kayla said she experienced some bullying but this has helped her connect more with her students and during their hard times.


Kayla says she has tried to bring some of her performances and students back to Northrop where she started to share with those who appreciate the Fine Arts. But during the month she wanted to come unfortunately they were booked at that time.


Kayla says that she is doing well 21 years old she owns her own studio in Fort Wayne called Pulse Dance and Performance Center, as well as owning her own home with her boyfriend and two dogs.

Visit her website here.


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