President confusing to student

Drew Penrod
Staff Writer

Politics are an easy topic to get confused on if you either don’t watch the news every day or read the newspaper or you don’t understand either of them.

It seemed like problems happening this year and half of last year with politics had to do with Hillary and Trump. Now that Trump got elected to be president and the date is coming up when he takes his place as president it seems to get more confusing.

What seems to be confusing is all the talk on him working with Russia and him being racist and homophobic. Another topic that confuses me is when he says “I’ll make America great again.” Was America not great before? What can he do to change America?”

Non-Trump supporters seem to be worried about his means to put a wall separating Mexico and the U.S. and make Mexico pay for it.

Trump doesn’t seem very knowledgeable when it comes to being president, besides the money aspect of it all. There are some subjects that aren’t confusing such as the disrespectful words his family and him have said to others.

Above all Trump wasn’t a good candidate running for president because he seemed more worried about his money than equality among people (rich or poor), and Hillary wasn’t a much better candidate because she seemed to not care about the lives of soldiers or anyone besides herself.  



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