5 Trends Better Kept in 2016

Melissa Trevino

Marisol Sanchez

Staff Writers


Pokemon Go

Yes, it’s the most  Googled thing in 2016 and it was fun in the beginning, but the game got old fast.


Ju Ju on That Beat

WE GET IT… it’s a catchy dance and song, but making a music video and over playing it is just too much  and really unnecessary



There were so many pointless challenges in 2016. The Condom Challenge was in but ultimately it’s like watching the same video over and over. The 100 Layers Challenge was a wonderful challenge, but lacked diversity. We’re bored of seeing lipstick and candle wax, you’rejust wasting product and money now.




We understand you miss Harambe but stop over using it! Let it go.



Vine is literally dead….Even Vine said it.


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