Five Things You Do When You Wait on a Text

Melissa Trevino
Marisol Sanchez

Staff Reporters

  1. Blow up their phone


Every time you wait on a text, it makes you extremely curious, so you accidentally leave 25 unread  messages.

  1. Excuses  


If they didn’t reply fast enough, you probably started coming up with excuses. ‘Why they haven’t they texted me?’ or ‘Am I boring?’ Then the freaking commences.

  1. Checking


You check every twenty seconds to see if they replied. You probably refresh the screen just to make sure.

  1. Find a distraction


If it’s been more 10 minutes, then you find anything little thing to do to distract yourself from the text.  

  1. Vent


Its officially been way too long, so you think of every possible thing that could be going wrong. You vent to your friends and assume the worst. You instantly assume they’re mad at you or something chaotic.


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