Northrop Prepared for Basketball Season

Zach Piatt

Sports Editor

With Rod Chamble’s first year as Northrop’s head basketball coach in the books, the Bruins are focused on coming together as a team to achieve success.

“We have a strong structure in place,” says senior guard, Richard Robertson. “We plan on being the most prepared team, executing what we’ve worked on in practice, and coming together to support each other.”

Robertson was Northrop’s second leading scorer last year, and will have to score the bulk of the Bruins’ points with the departure of graduate, Jagger Surface. Northrop is also losing promising point guard, Jalan Mull and role player, Quinten Lozano.

“People come and go all the time,” says senior guard, Darius Craig. “We will have to fill that void as a team and be a defensive-minded team.”

Even with key players leaving, Robertson says he has been ready to lead this team to success since he was a freshman.

Richard Robertson goes up for a layup on a Concordia defender. Robertson was Northrop's second leading scorer last year. Photo by Abby Ramos.

Richard Robertson goes up for a layup on a Concordia defender. Robertson was Northrop’s second leading scorer last year. Photo by Abby Ramos.

“I’ve been anticipating this year since my freshman year where I felt I was capable of competing at the varsity level,” says Robertson. “The pressure is always on to not only be a scorer, but also an outstanding leader.”

Before the 2015-16 season, the Bruins lost two starters, both transfers to Bishop Luers. Those holes were filled to the best of Northrop’s ability, and the end result was not what the Bruins expected. Northrop finished the season 8-16 (1-8 in SAC), last in conference play. The odds are against them, but these Bruins are staying positive.

“In my eyes, we don’t take losses. We always learn from mistakes and obstacles that may present themselves,” said Robertson.

Outsiders may look at this Bruins team as David going up against Goliath, but with Northrop’s talent and determination, the coaches and players believe they can tackle anything put in their way.

“We’ve always had enough talent to battle for a conference championship,” says Chamble. “Our goal is to take it one game at a time and be the best prepared team each contest. If we are better prepared, we execute the gameplan and give ourselves the best chance for victory each night.”

Coach Chamble and the players began training in the offseason just two weeks after their season ended in March, showing just how determined they are to be successful.

“The coaching staff and myself feel good about the preparations completed for this season,” says Chamble. ”We concentrated on getting our players stronger and more explosive. We then mixed player development with mental strengthening.”

All of their hard work and preparation has the Bruins thinking big, and they aren’t afraid to say it.

“Our goals are to win SAC, sectionals, and state,” says Craig. “People might look at that as crazy, but we’re capable of doing many things. We just have to believe.”

With these high hopes, Northrop is ready to take on the season as a team.

“Players are focused on who wants to be a Bruin and who wants to battle with them each night,” said Chamble.


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