Students Speak For Better Lunch

Quentin Dawson
Victoriano Morales
Staff reporter

A lot of people complain about the school lunch: what it lacks and what it needs. What do you think should be added or taken away from lunch?

“There are hardly any tables to sit at.”

“There needs to be more tables and more space to sit, people don’t like to be bumped into when trying to eat.”

“There needs to be a bigger variety to choose from.”

“They should add more items to the menu, because we practically have the same thing every week.”

“The lines are so long that when I finally get to sit down, it’s time to go.”

They should add more time to the lunch period. Sometimes, the lines are so long and move so slow that you don’t even get to eat lunch. They need to have more of the items, because they run out. There needs to be more food and more time to eat.

lunch-photo-8 lunch-photo-2 lunch-photo-1



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