Seven Things Students Missed During Breaks

Marisol Sanchez
Andrew Pruser
Melissa Trevino
Staff Reporters

I know you probably got tired of your Thanksgiving break, and deep down inside you actually missed high school. Here are seven things every student missed about school during your break.      

  1. Mondays

Every student loves the sound of “Tomorrow’s Monday”. And why not? It is the first day of an entire week of school.


  1. Studying

I know how much you missed staying up until one in the morning studying for that quiz you have in geometry.


  1. Homework

Because a long day of school was not good enough, I know you look forward to more work at home.


  1. Tests


Taking tests is probably your favorite part of the day since it feels like an eternity while you take them. Also it’s okay if you fail because it’s only a summative grade.

  1. Mornings

Waking up at seven in the morning to get ready for school is probably the thing you missed most about school. No one likes sleeping in until noon anyway.


  1. Being absent


Everyone loves missing school. You get to sleep in and stay at home watching Netflix.Who cares if the next day you have makeup work. You probably only missed 3 quizzes, the cure to cancer, and the solution to world hunger.


  1. Getting called on


I know how much you missed getting called on by the teacher even when you weren’t raising your hand. Nowadays teachers seem to have forgotten that if you raise your hand it means you know the answer. and if your hand is down it means you don’t know the answer.


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