Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Fort Wayne

Manny Arriaga
Staff Editor

If there is anything Mexicans are good at, it’s making good food. And as a Mexican, I’ve been raised on strict house etiquette, religious tendencies, and my personal favorite, seasoned Mexican meals. There is no such thing as a snack in a Mexican household; you are either getting a full course meal that will last you for the day, or nothing at all. Any chicano can assure you that if tortillas and all kinds of sauces aren’t a part of your meal, then you aren’t eating right.

Fort Wayne offers various cultural restaurants, Mexican cuisine being a top dog. Within every mile, there will be a restaraunt that has chips and salsa, a mesera chicana that will express her accent with every English word, and an atmosphere with a savory aroma that promises good, authentic food. With noticeable popular restaurants in the city, it can be concluded that certain places have the strongest appeal, especially in the perspective of high school students. A poll was taken at Northrop High School, asking students which restaurants they prefer. Here is the Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


4520 Parnell Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

“El Ranchito” is a prominent restaurant located in Northeast Ft. Wayne, a hidden location among the Northcrest Plaza. Serving traditional Mexican food, alongside basic American cuisine for unfamiliar locals, this restaurant provides immediate service, fresh chips and salsa provided with every meal purchased. When you’re looking for simple and traditional food on a late weekend evening, “El Ranchito” offers a warm and attentive atmosphere, appealing to people of all kinds. With delicious appetizers such as their Panchos Nachos, a platter of beans, cheese, and various meats, as well as their creamy, thick guacamole containing nothing but fresh ingredients that can turn avocado haters into lovers, the restaurant is a sure stop on your way home from a long night.


3123 S Clinton St
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

“Taqueria Coahuila” is known to be a stop for natives who are looking for authentic yet fast food, taking the attention of various people near the area. Located in the South of Ft. Wayne, this is a place that will take your eye at every moment passed when driving on Clinton St, it’s bright orange building as bright and surprising as the quality of the food. Being a restaurant of immediate service, this place brings a piece of traditional-style Mexican food to each table, provided that you are a fan of classic dishes ranging from Tex-Mex enchiladas to savory steak tacos, the tortillas warm and the meat warmer. Although not a simple restaurant offering appetizers and 3 course meals, the food provided is exceptional, giving bringing the pallette of an American a taste of Mexico.


236 Fernhill Ave

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

“Cebolla’s” is a restaurant that drives on individuality, making it clear that their menu will consist of nothing but the best. With a matching quality to their determination, “Cebolla’s” is a restaurant that assures a comforting environment during your entire stay, with drinks and baskets of chips continuously being filled. The food is seasoned to satisfaction, their enchiladas bringing your mouth an overload of unique flavors. Their tortilla soup is both affordable and delicious, a perfect appetizer upon whatever meal desired. As friendly servers continue to attend your tables, the staff trained to be attentive and alert to every customer’s need, “Cebolla’s” is a restaurant that makes their goals clear: to serve traditional, Mexican food of all sorts, and to provide a great experience for each paying customer. A plethora of restaurants are spread among town, Fernhill being very popular.


1026 Woodland Plaza Run
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

“Casa Grande” makes their priority to provide exceptional service and quality food, their menu a plethora of traditional mexican cuisine. This restaurant is the best East Ft. Wayne has to offer, the restaurant’s goal to provide complete satisfaction to any type of customer. Whether you’re looking for a lunch special, a simple meal on the go, or even a quick bite, Casa Grande should be a major hit, their food surrounding authenticity and a comforting warmth to each paying customer. Meals such as their very own Chile Relleno, a dish that brings life to one’s mouth with it’s selection of spices and sauce, as well as the classic Tortilla Soup, “Casa Grande” will bring you high expectations upon entrance, exiting the place with your mouth drooling for more.


7755 Coldwater Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

“Salsa Grille” provides the basic satisfaction for Mexican food lovers who aren’t entirely in love with exotic spices, but are up for Mexican food leaving you full and content. Located in various areas, the restaurant on Coldwater being the most popular, “Salsa Grille” gives both of its audience’s satisfaction – the diversity of different meals that Hispanic families can grow familiar to, as well as the simplicity of various dishes that white people can learn to love. Playing with such different kinds of food is known to be difficult, yet this restaraunt plays a fair game, especially with their unique lunch specials and their mouth-watering dishes that’ll leave you ordering another platter. Think of this restaurant as a typical Moe’s establishment; add along exotic spices and a foreign atmosphere, and you have “Salsa Grille”.


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