Five best things to do on Halloween in Fort Wayne

Breanna Durbin
Staff Writer

What: Wild Zoo Halloween 2016

When: noon – 6 p.m. October 27-31
Where: Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, 3411 Sherman Blvd.
Admission: $5 General Admission; $9/admission+treats; $4/Babies receiving treats, zoo members get $2 off per person every day; go to for more information
If you don’t like scary things on Halloween go to the Wild Zoo Halloween 2016 to see zoo animals and get free candy. You can take photos with Broomhilda the witch in your halloween costume so you can save your memories and have a good laugh in the future. Different Halloween activities will take place each day so don’t miss any of them! You can watch the sea lions perform a show on the Sea Lion Beach and pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and take it home!

What: Fort Wayne Escape Room

When: Wednesday 4:30-10:30pm, Thursday 4:30-10:30pm, Friday 4:30-11:30pm, Saturday 11am-12:30am, open all year round
Where: 33327 E Wayne Street, Suite 200 Fort Wayne, IN
Admission: Uncharted $25-$30 per person, Blackbeard’s Revenge $20-$25 per person, Patient Zero $20-$25 per person

The Fort Wayne Escape Room is a great pace for team building, you have to escape a cursed ship, find patient zero and find the way out of the trap you’re trapped in. If you do Blackbeard’s Revenge it’s 6 people max and you and your mates have been accused of forming mutiny against Blackbeard and now you have to find a way to free yourselves from the brig and find a way off of the cursed ship. For Patient Zero 90% of the world’s population has been wiped out by the deadly zombie virus. You wake up in a locked chamber, confused and the last thing you can remember is going on a supply run with your group. Most of your group is still alive, but you don’t know if they’ve been exposed to the zombie virus. To find out all of the answers to your questions you’ll have to find Patient Zero. For the Secret Temple you’re a treasure hunter with your team and you’ve traveled the world searching for the hidden treasures of INCA ROPA, a mysterious ruler of a powerful ancient civilization. All written history has been destroyed leaving only a trail for you to decipher and you only need the final piece to the puzzle hidden in an ancient temple. They were expecting you and your team so you walked right into their deadly trap designed to protect their precious treasure and now you and your team have to work together to find a way out. Can you escape with your team?

What: The Haunted Castle and Black Forest

When: 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Sunday & Thursday, 7pm-11pm Friday & Saturday, until Nov. 1st
Where: 8965 Auburn Road Fort Wayne
Admission: Haunted Castle $10, Black Forest $10, Combo package deal $16

The Haunted Castle and Black Forest is the most liked haunted house in Fort Wayne Indiana. You can go into a haunted house, haunted forest, or both! If you want to do both, then you can do the combo deal which is $4 less than paying for both separately. The Black Forest is scariest at night. Don’t wait to go, before you know it it’ll be closed till next October. Hurry while you can!

What: Hysterium Haunted Asylum
When: Oct.  28-31, 7 p.m.-midnight Fridays & Saturdays
Where: 4410 Arden Dr. Fort Wayne
Admission: $13 regular, $20 fast pass
What: Halloween Masquerade Ball
When: Oct. 28 and 29, 9 p.m. – 3 a.m.
Where: Main Street Bistro 200 East Main Street Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Admission: $15 per person or $20 per couple

Hysterium Haunted Asylum is great for team building, you have to try to escape the serial killer with your friends, solve the murder of a famous person, and/or try to get Agent 22’s hard drive and escape his office before he comes back. If you do Date Night-The Missing Starlet its 2-4 players max, you’re in 1952 and you’ve stepped into the dressing room of a famous Hollywood starlet who’s nowhere to be found and might have been killed by Agent 22 who may or may not be her boyfriend. She may not even be dead can you solve the possible murder mystery? The Office Of Secret Agent 22 is 8 people max and you have 60 minutes to gather appropriate information for the FBI to properly identify and locate Secret Agent 22. You find out that someone triggered a booby trap and you and your friends are locked inside his father’s office. Solve all the clues, find the flash drive, and diffuse the bomb so you and your pals don’t blow up! Serial Killer Sleuth is 4-8 people max. You and your friends are in a secret unidentified location and are left for dead and you have to solve intense riddles, endure physical challenges and find the key to escape before your hour is up. Can you escape before the serial killer gets you and your pals?


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