An Open Letter to the Ones Who Stepped In

Camry Thomas

Co-Editor in Chief

Dear friends,

Thank you both for doing what you did. Really. You noticed me when I was down and you picked me back up again. I didn’t even know the two of you, and yet you were there. You saw how toxic my old friends were to me. You took care of me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Because of you two, I am a better person. You took me out of bad friendships and put me into a new one. Now, I’m more sure of myself than I was two years ago. I am more confident in my appearance and I’m much happier than with my life now. All because you showed me what I was worth – something that some of my old friends didn’t do for me. You both pushed me to be a better person and that was what I did.

In the amount of time we have been friends, I have noticed such a change in myself. I have evolved into someone who can stand up for herself, something they couldn’t help me figure out. You both guided me into the best direction I could have gone and I became someone I didn’t think I could be. Thank you both so much.

I may not always appreciate you. I take you both for granted. I get angry. I yell and scream at you both sometimes, and other times I ignore you. I’m sorry. I do love you both, and it’s natural for people to get angry. I am human, and I know that you both are too. But I am so thankful to have you both. Honestly.


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