Autumn heralds boot, pumpkin spice season

A lone tree turns as fall approaches. Photo by Isabella Rhodes.

A lone tree turns as fall approaches. Photo by Isabella Rhodes.

Camry Thomas
Co-Editor in Chief

September 22 has passed, and you know what the means! Fall has arrived, and there’s excitement in the year. Here is a list of things you can look forward to for this fall.

  • Manageable weather conditions: In summer, it’s usually 8,000 degrees outside, but in winter it’s around -8,000 degrees. Thankfully, fall is the happy medium. It can be around 40 to 60 degrees, and you can comfortably wear sweaters, leggings and fuzzy socks without dying of heatstroke or hypothermia. Along with the temperature changes, there’s something about the gusts of wind and the changing of the leaves that just make people feel a sense of relief and happiness.
  • Fashion: When you look around during the season of fall, you can usually see many people wearing flannels, leggings, scarves, legwarmers and boots. Fall is the beginning of all the cozy gear being taken out of its storage boxes. It’s also a time for people to stock up for winter!
  • Halloween: From October 1 to the 31, many people begin their craze for Halloween. They begin making lists of possible Halloween costumes, and start buying decorations and such to decorate.
  • Specialty Drinks: We all know that there are certain drinks at some of our favorite places, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Some of the most popular are Salted Caramel, and Pumpkin Spice coffees/lattes. Starbucks even just came out with a new fall drink called the Chile Mocha.
  • Fall Activities: Everyone knows of the activities that are annual fall things. These activities consist of: campfires, pumpkin patch picking, carving pumpkins, using the fireplace, football games, etc. There’s many more things that are very popular to do on the chilly days of fall that will keep you busy.
  • Decorating: One of the most favored things to do during the fall, is decorating rooms so they replicate the vibe that fall gives off. Towards the ceiling, leaf garlands and fairy lights are strung, pumpkin and apple pie scented candles are lit, Styrofoam pumpkins are arranged in an order, and thick, fuzzy blankets are in every corner of the room.
  • Thanksgiving: The other famous holiday that is in in the months of fall, is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Many people associate pounds and pounds of food, including turkey and ham, as well as spending time with their family and friends.

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