Bruin Freshman Contributes to Volleyball Team

Zach Piatt

Sports Editor

Nevaeh Shugart is a freshman at Northrop High School. She is an outside hitter on the volleyball team. As a freshman, Shugart is playing an important role for the lady Bruins, getting ample playing time and taking advantage of her opportunities. This story intrigued me, so I had a one-on-one conversation with her about her volleyball experiences.

Shugart (12) attempts to block the opponent's hit. She is a freshman outside hitter for the Bruins. Photo by Macey Young.

Shugart (12) attempts to block the opponent’s hit. She is a freshman outside hitter for the Bruins. Photo by Macey Young.

Zach Piatt: When did you start playing volleyball?

Nevaeh Shugart: I started playing volleyball in seventh grade.

ZP: Is there anyone who influenced you to play?

NS: My mom. She played in high school. She’s inspired me a lot and she’s a great role model.

ZP: Who or what has prepared you to play at the high school level?

NS: Scott Shipman, my mom, summer conditioning, and my club team.

ZP: Has high school competition been what you expected?

NS: Yes. I have a good team and hard competition.

ZP: How does it feel playing a significant role on varsity as a freshman?

NS: Good. Being a part of a varsity team as a freshman is a great feeling. Being able to play to the highest level is an amazing accomplishment for me.

ZP: How are the upperclassmen responding to having freshmen on varsity?

NS: They have been really supportive. I think they look at me as a little sister. They have always been there and they don’t treat me any different than anyone else.

ZP: With a large amount of playing time now, you will have a greater leadership role in the next three years. Are you ready for that kind of responsibility?

NS: Yes. I’m ready for the next three years of playing varsity, but I’m not saying it will be easy by any means.

ZP: What advice could you give to incoming freshmen after your experience?

NS: Never quit. The summer conditioning will be hard, but never get frustrated. Keep your head up, because the game of volleyball is a very mental sport, and it’s easier to get down than it is to keep your head up. Always give 100 percent because high school is the most fun and important part of your life.

ZP: What are your biggest goals while playing?

NS: Do my best and still be a great teammate on the court.

ZP: Do you have a pre-game routine or any game superstitions you follow?

NS: I listen to music and get hype with the team.

ZP: Do you see volleyball as a part of your future beyond high school?

NS: Yes. I’d like to play for eight more years.

ZP: What is your favorite memory from playing volleyball?

NS: When I won the bronze national championship for my age division during club season, and when I slipped and fell on a shirt in the hallway at school.

ZP: Do you have a nickname?

NS: Weezy. My grandma has always called me it.

ZP: What would be your spirit animal and why?

NS: A giraffe because I have long legs and I like salad.



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