Ervin enjoying new community

Aliyah Vossler

Staff reporter

A lot of people think that they  will get lost on their first day .Our school really is huge it’s the biggest one in the city.

“But it’s more like a community and its more like a home” Ms. Ervin said.

Ms. Ervin loves that the our first priority here at Northrop is our students.

“Other schools say that students are there first priority but Northrop really means it,” she said.

Ervin came from Delta High School in Muncie. Ms. Ervin was the assistant principal in charge of interactive  programs.

“I had a great job but Northrop is better,” she said.

Ms. Ervin loves that there is a club or activity for everybody. Ervin is excited about the sports events,theater and many other things Northrop has to offer.

“Northrop really shows school spirit,” she said.

Outside of school, Ms. Ervin enjoys taking care of her dogs,and reading. Ervin has also been writing her dissertation

Ms. Ervin really relates to the hot weather. Ervin tries to think cool thoughts and wears cooler clothing.   

Ms. Ervin thinks Fort Wayne is a really great place. Northrop is never negative.

“How can we help you and what’s our next step,” Ms. Ervin says.


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