Adulting frustrates, empowers students

Kaley Walhart

Staff Writer


Who is 18 years old truly convenient for? Parents when they want the new “adult” to pick them up another pack of cigarettes because they can’t find the energy to do so. Employers when they realize child labor laws no longer apply to the kid — even though said “adult” is still in high school? The government since they’re no longer responsible for the kid and/or said kids’ actions? But God-forbid it actually be convenient for the kid.

Don’t get me wrong, being able to say “no” and not having the restrictions like that of a minor is great…fabulous at that — but what’s the point if we’re still treated as a minor? How are we supposed to feel when all of us have a group of adults on our left telling us we’re going to love adulthood, and on our right telling us to savor the last few seconds of being a minor that we have left.

How’s that supposed to make all the 18 year-olds feel other than confused, overwhelmed, and doomed?

I’ve heard “experienced-adults” tell us to take it slow — “one foot in front of the other”, “one step at a time”, and “take your time, let it all sink in.”  The least we should be able to do is go and register for another year of high school without a parent/legal guardian with any of us, since we’re considered an adults in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Not allowed passed the “pearly gates” without it being guarded by a row of teachers without said parent/legal guardian?

Come on now.

That’s like not letting a 14 year-old buy an ice cream from the local ice cream truck without their parent. I mean, really, it’s not like any of our parents knows anymore about myself than we do by now, We might actually know more about ourselves than they do. I acknowledge the fact that some of us still live with our parent/legal guardian and some of us might not anymore.

Where does that leave the people who live by themselves or are wards of the state? It’s difficult enough to bring proof of residence when we live in a world where paper documents are harder to come by. Are the adults such as wards of the state or the emancipated to bring the documents showing they’ve been emancipated or are apart of “the system”?

Let’s be adults here, and acknowledge that turning 18 isn’t just a placeholder, it’s a marker of adulthood.



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