Sausage Party a raunchy adult thrill

Isaac Edwards

Staff Writer


Wildest, raunchiest movie you will ever see.

Sausage party is a crazy movie worth the price of admission. It is 100 percent worth seeing, but not for your kids. This movie is full of gut busting laughs, raunchiness and wildness. You will laugh your head off at a bunch of little food cursing. Also the politically and socially conscious story is slightly surprising. It helps the story but overall slows it down.

Speaking of the story, the plot of this movie is incredible. Imagine if Toy Story was about food and extremely raunchy. It is all about food at a grocery store living life, just waiting to get chosen. They all can’t wait to be chosen and taken to the Great Beyond, their heaven of some sort. However, they learn the harsh reality it’s not really heaven, it is actually quite the opposite where the food is prepared as… food. Potatoes are washed then peeled. Carrots are poured into a bowl then eaten. Tomatoes are sliced and so on and so forth.

The story follows a handful of characters. The main characters include Frank the sausage, voiced by Seth Rogen, and the bun he is in love with voiced by Kristen Wiig. A highlight is a Jewish wise-cracking bagel voiced by Edward Norton. This movie has the a strong voice cast. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, James Franco and Danny McBride are all  icing on the cake in more minor roles.

Overall, this movie is a wild time. With everything from food to condoms coming alive, it is a funny crazy adventure. It is extremely original and if you were let down by the Secret Life of Pets, you won’t be let down by the secret life of food. It is the wildest movie you will ever see guaranteed, and they give a whole new meaning to climactic ending.




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