Principal adjusts purse policy, listens to students

By Manny Arriaga

Staff Reporter


The new administration is not banning purses in the school, according to class meetings held on Tuesday and Wednesday by the incoming principal Jason Witzigrueter.

“We originally thought we were going to eliminate purses,” Witzigrueter said. “But felt the need to look back on our decision.”

If a textbook can fit into a purse, it is too big, he said.

Principal Witzgrueter explained the handbag policy during the class meetings in the  auditorium. He also discussed the rules concerning carrying personal belongings on school premises.

The purse policy had not been written before the school year started, but the principal felt he needed to clarify the policy after several parents voiced their opinions on Facebook.

Witzigrueter intended to hear feedback from Northrop’s staff before making such a decision. After hearing the concerns and opinions of Northrop’s students, Witzigrueter reconsidered eliminating purses.

“I appreciated the concerns,” Witzigrueter added. “It made us look harder and reach out to the need of the students.”

Witzigrueter has been principal for five years at Adams Central before returning to Northrop. He served as band director at Northrop before becoming a principal.

He understands and validates students’ opinions and concerns.

“While listening to their concern, I’d respond with, ‘I hear you, I need to think about it,’ or discuss whatever they happen to misunderstand.”



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