Northrop Theatre welcomes a new friend

Bailey Claar

Staff Writer

Northrop’s Spring Musical is the classic Annie the Musical, starring senior Jacki Walburn. Annie the Musical will play on April 27th, 28th and 29th. 

image1The Bruin Fine Arts Department have gleefully graced their 100th theatrical production with a real-life furry friend playing the part of Annie’s dog companion, Sandy, played by Clancy.

Clancy the golden retriever has lived with his owner, Barbara Croy, throughout his 11-year life. He is a certified tracking and companion dog, and started his training at the young age of 8 weeks. This is Clancy’s theatrical debut, as he shows excitement with tail wags and that cute panting-dog-smiley-face kind of look, you know?

Northrop students are excited he is here, often invading the auditorium when he arrives in 7th period to pet him. “He’s so cute!!!” exclaimed Mylien Byers an 11th grade theatre student (and everyone else).

Come see the musical this week to support our theatre department as well as cute dogs!


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