Your Guide to the Perfect Prom

Camry Thomas

Staff Writer

Prom season is in the air, and that special night is quickly approaching! You want to have an amazing night, but don’t know where to start. Luckily, this guide will give you the need-to-know facts on how to have the perfect prom.

  • The Dress/Tux:

Whether you’re a girl or guy, you need to have an outfit fitting for your night of “royalty”. Girls, find a dress that shows off your personality, or a dress that makes you feel unique and beautiful. You don’t want to spend one of the greatest days of high school feeling awful/ugly in a dress that should make you feel beautiful. Price doesn’t determine beauty.

Guys, your tux should be to your liking. The color should match your date, if you have one. If you don’t have/want a date, choose a color that you think is cool and that you like. (Bonus: Men’s Warehouse is having a sale off the price of your tux.)

  • The Corsage and Boutonniere:

A corsage and boutonniere are the flowers given to the person you are going to prom with. The flowers are usually matched with the colors you and you date are wearing, but if a color is unavailable, a lot of couples opt for going with a plain white. However, you don’t have to have a date to wear a corsage/boutineer. If you’re going alone, you could ask a parent or friend to buy you one.

  • Hair and Makeup:

Girls, hair and makeup is another key element for prom night. It should be to your liking, because this is your night! Even the simplest hair-do or makeup could look like a million bucks. You can even rock a bareface if you want. It’s your night, you make the decisions.

  • Pictures:

You should always consider having some sort of pictures set up. Capturing the memories of the night is amazing. Most people choose an outdoor scenery, but there are others that chose to do inside photos. Either way, if you choose to have pictures that night, choose a beautiful place to capture the best night ever.

  • Dinner:

Dinner is always optional, depending on your time frame. If you just want to relax, or have a few appointments, in the afternoon then don’t fret about rushing to a dinner. If you do go out to dinner, make sure it’s someplace you like. If you’re in a group, make sure there are meal options that everyone in your group will like. You don’t want to spoil your great night, with a crappy dinner. (Protip: Prom has small finger food to snack on, so don’t go overboard, but don’t go too light)

  • The Main Event:

Finally, after all the waiting, the buying of items, the pictures and dinner, the time has come. You have officially entered prom. You should find an area to place your things. Girls, you might want to take off the killer heels, if you end up wearing them. It may get hot in the area, so boys, you might end up taking off your tux jacket. You can start dancing the night away, and tear up that dance floor. The night is yours, so have fun with it!

  • Optional Afterparty:

Prom has now ended, and everyone who is left is now dispersing from the area. You and your friends still want the party to continue. This is where the optional afterparty comes in. It doesn’t have to be something major. It could be going bowling, or taking a road trip to your favorite restaurant. If you’re with your friends, you bound to have an amazing time.



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