Students, Staff Heated Leading Up to Showdown

Zach Piatt

Sports Editor

Northrop’s annual student/staff basketball game is tomorrow during seventh period. The teachers are confident they will come out on top, despite their rare loss to the students last year.

“I have one hundred percent confidence the staff will respond from last year’s defeat and be victorious,” said Mr. Wyss.

Wyss isn’t the only teacher who wants some revenge.

“We will beat the students and rain threes all over them,” said Mr. Kerwin.

These statements have stirred the students’ pot, infuriating them and naturally influencing some comebacks.

“Tell any teacher who thinks they can stop us to try,” says football and baseball player, Mikey Snyder. “When you have a squad like this, we can’t be stopped.”

Football and soccer standout Cam Fox is hoping to reverse their roles as students and become the instructors.

“We are about to teach them a lesson they will never forget,” said Fox.

The student team is full of a variety of athletes from actual basketball players, to baseball players, to track runners.

“I’m not just a track athlete,” says track star, Bijay Stephens. “I used to hoop back in the day.”

Students have accused the staff of sneaking points on the board in the past, thus giving their peers an advantage and resulting in more wins. According to the students, the staff will need a lot more than a few extra points to win this one.

“I know the staff has won in the past, but all that is about to change,” says Stephens. “We got that lockdown D and they won’t be able to handle it.”

Some of the students, like baseball slugger Jordan Dickinson, are making this game personal and viewing it as a chance to get back at their teachers.

“My number one objective is to massacre some teachers’ ankles, preferably Mr. Day or Mr. G,” said Dickinson.

Unfortunately for him, Mr. Day will not be able to participate in the game due to multiple off the court injuries.

Dickinson isn’t phased by any of the teachers’ smack, and has by far been the biggest trash talker for the students. He seems to be the most confident as well.

“We’re just going to get buckets, plain and simple,” says Dickinson. “I’m predicting 15 points and 15 assists for myself, but that’s if I’m off shooting.”

Jagger Surface awaits a pass in the corner. Surface led Northrop in scoring this year and is playing in the student/staff basketball game tomorrow. Photo by Alex Luther.

Jagger Surface awaits a pass in the corner against Concordia. Surface led Northrop in scoring this year and is playing in the student/staff basketball game tomorrow. Photo by Alex Luther.

The competitors may sound hostile, but at the end of the day, it is just a game of basketball.

“I’m looking forward to the memories and friendly competition,” said Snyder.

Both sides want to win. Both sides are confident they will win. However, they also know it’s just for fun.

“It will be a competitive game,” says Fox. “I’m looking forward to maybe a couple dunks and some three pointers.”

Don’t get the impression these teams won’t try to destroy each other. Bragging rights are still on the line.

The students have a fairly important game changer in the Bruins’ leading scorer from the past two seasons, Jagger Surface. He isn’t getting caught up in the trash talk, but he does have one thing he wants to say to the staff.

“All I’m going to say is…bark,” said Surface.


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