Spring Break: 5 Relaxing Destinations

Andrew Fisher
Staff Writer

  1. Your House

There is nothing wrong with staying home and just relaxing during spring break. It’s simple and you can do things at your own pace, with no worries about schedules or standing in lines. Everything is where you want it, and you are able to sleep in your own bed, which is always nice. You can also bum it out all day if you choose, dressing how you want with no worries of whoever might see you at home.

  1. Florida

Florida is a popular destination for Spring Break. Many of its cities, including Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, are near beaches, which provide a spot to go relax in the sun or go swimming. Florida also has nice temperatures, and is usually warmer than Fort Wayne.

  1. Camping

One of the best ways to enjoy the increasing temperatures and better weather is to go outside and immerse yourself in nature by camping. Camping is one of the better ways to enjoy nature, because it takes you away from a lot of technology. Camping gives you the opportunities to go hiking, have a campfire, and just otherwise enjoy nature. Also, food cooked over the campfire is amazing, including hot dogs, pudgy pies, and s’mores as your camping essentials. With campfires also comes scary stories, with each person trying to out do the last.

  1. Disneyland/World

Both Disney resorts make great destinations to travel too. At both, you have nice weather for being in either Florida or California, as well as many many rides and attractions to enjoy. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself. And, if you do find yourself bored of the park’s’ many rides, the city surrounding, Disney World is in Bay Lake and Disneyland is in Anaheim both parks offer a chance to get away and explore as well.

  1. Chicago

Photo courtesy of Carrie Fischer

Chicago is a great place to spend spring break. While it is the opposite of camping, the big city just opens up so many opportunities with things to go see and do. The city is filled with many museums and exhibits, such as the Shedd Aquarium. Downtown also holds many stores to go and browse, and possibly buy souvenirs at. Chicago also has many sites to see, such as the bean downtown or Grant Park. Chicago also has Navy Pier, which is a tourist location with restaurants, rides, and stores.


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