Batman V. Superman: Long Wait for Satisfying Payoff

Antonio Gamez

Co-Editor in Chief

Someone took their sweet time to make Batman V. Superman. Literally. The idea had spun in circles ever since the early 2000s, but with Man of Steel’s moderate success, Warner Bros. decided we needed a Batman to be in this universe.

Does it all work out? Ask yourself this: Are you willing to build an Eiffel Tower with Legos? Seeing the complete model is impressive, but the actual building eventually becomes more of anything but fun with the seemingly endless hours of attaching each tiny piece.

Batman V. Superman takes place a year after Man of Steel, serving as a jumpstart for the DC Cinematic Extended Universe. Superman (Henry Cavill) is held accountable by the people of Metropolis, as the world begins to question his regard for humanity. Among these individuals are Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and Batman (Ben Affleck).

It’s not secret that a lot was squeezed into this film for the sake of moving things along so a Justice League movie can actually be a thing. However, I’m glad to say it’s not as offsetting as some would expect.

The same can’t quite be said for the central plot. Batman V. Superman has a general agenda with an end goal, which does provide all of the entertaining suspense, action, and character interactions you hoped to see. While Superman himself is still a Work-In-Progress, his interactions with the other characters (both as Superman and Clark Kent) are faithful and fun to watch.

I also applaud the film for its realism on the issues presented in the film, displaying public response to a godlike individual, major catastrophes, and vigilantes.

All of what Batman V. Superman presents is fine and dandy, but it takes so long to get to.

Each plot point is a block that builds onto another, as there are so many pieces stacked on one another to a point where you hope it doesn’t fall apart. While this stack doesn’t fall apart, it makes you think of every simpler or different way it could’ve been done.

I’m sure Superman, covered in Kryptonite, could’ve flew faster than the slow pace of the first half.

Batman V. Superman’s final result is (mostly) everything exciting this film could have. However, the process itself takes longer than one’s procrastination on a paper for a class. That isn’t so much of a terrible sin that shames the film, but just develops something to be desired sooner.

Rating: 3/5

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is rated PG13 for intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality.


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