PINK Perfect for Hair

Amanda Newby
Staff Reporter

A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a hair salon … what next? Colors like neon green and electric blue can be intimidating, but natural colors can be dull. So, what’s the perfect medium?


Manic Panic lasts for about three to four days. It costs $13 for a 4-ounce bottle available at Hot Topic. 

The answer? Pink! With its varying shades, pink can be surprisingly neutral. It doesn’t have the same ultra-artificial look as colors like blue, but it isn’t as common as the classic blonde, brunette and redhead.

If pink seems appealing, the next decision is what brand to get. With bold hair colors becoming less of a rebellion and more of a normal form of expression, more and more hair brands are emerging to capitalize on the trend. Brands with short, one-word names like Splat and Raw can be found on shelves next to Clairol and Revlon.

Things to consider when between different shades/brands:

  • Bold hair dyes stick to damaged hair more than healthy hair.
  • For the color to stay in as long as possible, it’s best to wash hair with cold water.
  • Since all pink hair dyes are semi-permanent (meaning they don’t need to mixed with any chemicals to be activated), any excess can be saved and used later, which can make higher prices worthwhile.
  • Bright pinks can be mixed with any white conditioner to achieve a more pastel finish.
  • Shades will be darker on darker hair, so bleaching beforehand may be necessary to get the advertised shade

The two products being reviewed are Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Due in Cotton Candy Pink and Beyond The Zone Color Jamz hair dye in Party Time Pink.

Manic Panic is a well-established brand for colors all across the color spectrum. When purchased from Hot Topic, a 4-ounce bottle can cost $13. While it can be used multiple times, it didn’t last very long. On healthy hair, the true pink color only lasted about three to four days, washing with frigid cold water. It might have been a case of a better-known brand being able to charge more

The 4-ounce bottle of Beyond The Zone hair dye costs $7 at Sally’s. The dye itself was more runny than Manic Panic, making it easier to accidentally use more dye than needed. But even with that being the case, the Beyond The Zone dye lasted around 11 days under the same conditions as the Manic Panic dye.

For someone who has never dyed their hair, the Manic Panic dye would be best because if you dye your hair and don’t like it, it can be easily bleached or washed away. For someone looking for a lower-maintenance, more committal hair color, Beyond The Zone is the better choice.

With spring just around the corner, pink hair may be the best addition to your look!


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