5 Convenient Breakfast Foods

Andrew Fisher

Staff Writer

Breakfast is essential. It’s what starts your day and provides you energy. Breakfast provides food until lunch and helps get you through school. Convenience is a key to a student in the morning for breakfast. It’s important that you eat before school and here are the five best breakfast foods based off of convenience and taste.

5. Toast

Starting off the list is something that is very easy to make, toast. All you gotta do is throw some bread in a toaster, and once it’s done, spread some butter on it. It can be eaten on the go, and provides you with some carbohydrates needed to give you some energy for school as well. However, the toasting time, and the fact that toast doesn’t taste the greatest, keeps it from being  higher on this list.

4. Granola Bars

Most likely the most convenient breakfast item on this list, granola bars are number four. All that is needed to eat them is to grab one and open the wrapper. You can eat them on the go, or save them for a later time when you are hungry . They help to give you your basic nutrients that you need to get through the morning, and are good for you. They come in a variety of different flavors, so there’s more than likely one that you would enjoy. However they didn’t make it very high on this list, since they aren’t very filling.

3. Frozen Waffles

While frozen waffles also take some time to prepare, they more than make up for it with taste. Once the waffle is done being toasted, spreading some butter then pouring some syrup on it, waffles can’t go wrong. Also helping them is that they fill you up, keeping you from starving from hunger. Waking up to waffles is always nice, and a nice way to start your day, giving you what you need to start your day with a smile, and a full stomach.

2. Pop-Tarts.

Pop-Tarts are the best foods that a toaster can offer. They come in a variety of different flavors, and each one tastes great. It’s easy to find one that you will grow to love, whether it be the classic brown sugar cinnamon, or maybe S’mores. whatever your tastes, there’s sure to be a flavor for you. You can also eat them on the go, toasted or not. They are good both ways. If toasted, the heat from the Pop-Tart just helps it melt in your mouth, if not, it’s easier to handle and eat on the go.

1. Cereal

Coming in at the number one convenient breakfast foods to eat before school is cereal. It’s a classic food, and has plenty of variety, more than any other food offered on this list. Cereal is very easy to set up, just pour some in a bowl with milk and eat away. While it can’t be eaten on the go, the different variety and flavors more than make up for it. Get tired of eating Cheerios? Try eating some Froot Loops. Get tired of that? Eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You can never go wrong with cereal, with how easy it is to set up, and how good the different varieties are.


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