Gotham Freezes Over

Lexi Crebb
Staff Reporter

The second half of the second season of Gotham has finally arrived. Wrath of the Villains introduces new and old faces and tells an ever-evolving storyline.

Season 2, “Rise of the Villains”, ended with the death of Mayor Theo Galavan by the Penguin and Jim Gordon, our main protagonist. Many secrets were told and many new secrets were invented.

Leslie, Gordon’s girlfriend, revealed her pregnancy and Gordon proposed her, Riddler has now embraced his inner villain, and Penguin finally had vengeance for his mother’s death by Galavan’s hands.  

Now in “Wrath of the Villains,” Gordon is safe from taking the blame for Galavan’s death but is suspected by the new Police Commissioner, played by Michael Chiklis.

Penguin, who was previously on the run from the law, has found himself in Arkham Asylum, but we can probably expect to see him free soon enough.

Riddler has become a close ally to the Penguin, meaning this puzzle-loving mastermind could play a key part in the Penguin’s elevation in power. Probably the most exciting new character on Gotham is Mr. Freeze, a desperate scientist with a freeze gun searching for a cure for his sick wife.

One of DC’s most sinister evil scientists, Hugo Strange, made his appearance as Arkham’s demented doctor that loves to experiment on the insane patients.

Wrath of the Villains will up the stakes for “Gotham” with new storylines and the beginning and return of characters, like Tabitha Galavan, the former Mayor’s sister, who escaped the same fate as her brother along with Bruce’s ex-girlfriend, Silver St. Cloud, and now seeks to become the Queen of Gotham’s underworld, and Firefly may return in later episodes.

There are many questions fans ask about this season: Is Leslie really pregnant, and if so, will we witness the birth of the future Batgirl? Will Riddler and Penguin team up to rule Gotham?

What’s going to happen to Catwoman? Is Fish Mooney still alive? And will we finally learn who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents? We can only hope that Season 3 will be just as entertaining if not better than Season 2.


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