Fort Wayne Full of Thrifty Clothing Choices

Amanda Newby

Staff Writer

Noob 2 Noob1There are few places you can find grandma sweaters, band t-shirts, and brand names alike all on one rack. At local thrift stores, there are unique finds such as these almost guaranteed.

In Fort Wayne alone, there’s a wide array of options. Goodwill and Salvation Army are known for their affordable prices, as is a staple of thrift stores. Plato’s Closet is known for having an always-trendy inventory. Renew (Upscale Resale) sells clothes alongside house furniture. Treasure House is almost brand new at selling not-new clothes.

One might ask themselves: Why thrift? Isn’t that for hipsters? Well, they have hip in their label for a reason. Plaid and beanies aren’t the only things hipsters have right.

Thrift stores are the fashion show content of the future. Brand names like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren for prices as low as $4.50 a shirt. Clothes for all ages, sizes, and genders too!

Need a piece for a Halloween costume? Thrift store. Need a shopping trip with the girls that inspires laughter and love-at-first-buy? Thrift store. Need an appropriately priced necklace, high heels that haven’t even been broken in yet, and a formal dress with the original tags still on it? Thrift store!

The next time you find yourself needing a little retail therapy, I’d suggest trying your hand at thrifting.


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