Classic Review: It’s Such A Beautiful Day

Aiden Kaufmann
Staff Writer

It’s Such a Beautiful Day is an unbelievably refreshing and charming movie put out by animation legend Don Hertzfeldt.

The story follows Bill, a man beginning to notice something strange is going on with him. A sudden event causes his time on earth to become limited. Bill thinks back on his life, in an attempt to make sense of this horrible tragedy.

The movie has an overall dark tone, and a very stylish animation style that Hertzfeld is known for. The characters, while few in number, are very charming, despite never having any dialogue of their own. The film is told from the perspective of Bills inner thoughts.

Without spoiling anything, I can say without a doubt that this has one of the best endings to any movie I’ve ever seen. It rivals even that of Donnie Darko, which prior to this, was my favorite movie. Also, I have yet to see anyone sit through this entire movie without at least shedding a tear, which I’d say is an incredibly rare commodity for most films within recent years.

All in all ‘It’s such a Beautiful Day’ is an incredibly beautiful and tear-jerking film. It has a completely unique animation style, which is specific to this one and only director. In my opinion, it’s a must see.


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