It’s Okay to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Camry Thomas

Staff writer


Graphic by Nontae Aung, Multimedia Editor

February — the month where love is constantly in the air. February is known for one of it’s most famous days: Valentine’s Day. A day where people show lots of love and affection towards others, especially their significant others. But it’s a bit different for those who are single on this day.

“I have been single on Valentine’s Day, ever since 8th grade.” says sophomore Tanner Sleme. Being single isn’t an unusual thing for people on such a day. According to Statistic Brain, the ratio of single men to single women in their 20’s celebrating Valentine’s Day is 1.2:1.

The day of love is celebrated by people of all ages, but it becomes more intimate as we age. “I find that most people that are in serious relationships and focus more solely on their significant other, than on their friends.” says Sleme.

Senior Carolyn Spencer echoes in her thoughts, “Middle school is when the panic of not having a Valentine set in. Everyone was all about getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If they didn’t get one, they basically fell apart.”

Valentine’s Day was first put into our brains when we were younger. In elementary school, some classes held Valentine’s Day parties, where everyone passed out Valentine’s cards. Some teacher even required that if you had cards, everyone got one. We were taught that everyone was to be our Valentine. “I don’t think that elementary school raised the expectations. In my opinion, it’s just a day full of candy. Everyone has fun, eats candy. It’s basically like a day off of school.” says Sleme.

Spencer disagreed with Sleme’s statement. “I feel like it did raise my expectations by a little bit. It made me feel like I was popular, because I was getting a lot of cards. So as the years followed, I assumed that I would get the same amount. But that wasn’t the case.”

There is a big difference between being single on Valentine’s Day and being off-the-market. “I’ve noticed that on this specific day, I pay more attention to my boyfriend, rather than my friends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but on a day of love, they should probably get a bit more attention that I might have given them in the past.” says Spencer.

Many people think that Valentine’s Day is just about spending time with another person, but there are other things that you can do besides feeling down about not having a Valentine. You can go out with your friends and watch movies, or have a day where you can treat yourself. Sure you don’t have someone to love on Valentine’s Day, but you surely can love yourself.

“I plan on taking a nice long bath and not having a care in the world. I don’t have to impress anybody, because I’m single. All I get to do on Valentine’s Day is please myself and feel good about myself.” says Sleme.

Another thing to definitely love about Valentine’s day, single or not (but really works out well for those who are single). The discounted candies at the store the next day! That should get anyone feeling great. Nobody bought you some candy for Valentine’s Day? Go out the next day and splurge on the great discounted goodies.

Sure, it may suck being single on a day filled with love, but nothing’s wrong with that. You can take the time you would spend on your significant other, and treat yourself instead. You can begin to love yourself a bit more than the day before.


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