EXPLORING FORT WEIRD: Haunting at Glenbrook Mall

Gabriel Schmoekel & Sydney Hamilton
Staff Writers

In our new series we will be exploring the weird, “haunted” and just plain strange places of Fort Wayne that make it so Fort Weird. Come along for the ride with us and see just how weird Fort Wayne can be!

Fort Wayne has become a hotspot. Not for gross hot dogs or vegan culture or tourism. It has become a hotspot for “Ghosts”! Recently on Twitter, Alissa Gomez (@alissagmz_) had posted a video of Paranormal Activity. Gomez works at the mall for Chik-Fil-A, and while leaving work after closing she heard something strange.

Click here to check out the video.

As you can see, well hear, something definitely happened. While watching the video you can hear something in the background, almost like a child’s laugh! While investigating the subtweets on the video, we had noticed that Brenden Brehmer (@bring_the_sass) had said that it was the carousel making that creepy laugh in the video.

When watching the video, everything seems to be turned off, so it didn’t make much sense for it to be the carousel. And the plot of quarter rides was turned off completely according to Alissa, so it couldn’t possibly be those. So to make more sense of what happened we went to the streets! Well actually just the halls of Northrop because Brenden goes to our school…

So we went to Brehmer about the tweet. He told us that he works at the carousel at the mall, and so he knows that the sound was in fact the carousel. Well not actually the carousel, but the kiosk for the carousel. Brendan told us that the kiosk is “broken” in that it turns off and on randomly throughout the day and night.

And when it turns on its makes the sound of children’s laughter (which makes sense since it is a carousel) so it would make sense if it was that. The kiosk has a dim-lit touch screen so it makes sense that when it was booted-up it didn’t give off much or if any light at all so it covers that too.

So that’s the most logical reasoning for the video, that it was just a simple technological error. But i’m sure there are still going to be those ghost believers and naysayers that will believe anything they see or hear.

If you have any suggestions for other strange, “haunted” or just plain weird places in Fort Wayne, Tweet either of us on twitter at @yogabeagabea (Gabe) or @sydham123 (Sydney) and use the hashtag #exploringfortweird


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