Super Bowl 50: Both Sides of the Ball

Eddy Tabakovic

Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is finally here, and with that comes many headlines and legacies to be written. The Denver Broncos benched Peyton Manning earlier in the season due to injuries and under performing. Even with his return, Denver has been viewed as the underdog throughout the playoffs. No one really took the Panthers as a serious team that would make it to the Super Bowl, and a lot of people thought the Seahawks and even the Cardinals would beat them. In the end, both Denver and Carolina overcame adversity and have surpassed everyone’s expectations. One of the main headlines that makes this Super Bowl special is Peyton Manning, an all-time great, may finally retire. Is Manning going to get his walk into the sunset victory? The Broncos and Panthers both have top defenses in the league and both have shown to be absolutely dominant. Cam Newton and the Panthers offense showed against the Seahawks and Cardinals that they can not only play with, but embarrass top defenses. The Broncos have faced the Steelers and Patriots this postseason. At times they had a hard time moving the ball down the field, and both those defenses don’t really match up with the NFC’s powerhouses. Sorry Manning, the Panthers and their defense are just too good.


The Panthers’ Cam Newton has led Carolina to the Super Bowl with his unique play style. Carolina is the favorite over the Denver Broncos. Photo Courtesy of Yahoo images.

Score: Panthers 24 – Broncos 17

Jace Gross

Staff Writer

The biggest game of the year is here! Both of these teams have been doubted the whole postseason and now they’re in Super Bowl 50. Both teams use the media and critics as motivation. The Carolina Panthers have soared their way through the regular season, finishing with a 15-1 record. Cam Newton has had an MVP year and will be expecting that MVP award this Saturday. Not only does Carolina have a great offense, but their defense is top notch as well. As for the Denver Broncos, it’s been a unique year. It’s not because of Peyton Manning and a high flying offense they are in the Super Bowl. It’s actually their number one ranked defense who has carried them this far. Von Miller and Demarcus Ware have been a quarterback’s worst nightmare this year. Malik Jackson and Derek Wolfe have also contributed by shutting down the run game. Not to mention how talented their secondary is in Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr., and Bradley Roby. As long as Manning keeps the ball safe like he has the past two games, the Broncos will have a good opportunity to win this game.


The Denver Broncos’ defense has been the best in the league all year and now they have a shot at the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is looking for his second career Super Bowl ring. Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Score: Broncos 21 Panthers 17





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