Top Five Annoying Types of Homework

Andrew Fisher

Staff Writer

Homework. The bane of many students’ lives. It makes them put many hours of their life to finish it, so that they can get a grade. The following is a list of the Five Most Annoying Types of Homework, not based off of just difficulty, but what it requires you to do as well.

  1. Guided Notes

Guided notes (which walk you through a certain reading assignment) are probably one of the most useful types of assignments on this list, but are also annoying nonetheless. It can be annoying when you have to keep an eye open for what you’re looking for, instead of actually paying attention to the reading. It takes some of your attention away from learning everything that the reading has to offer, instead having you focus only on what the notes ask you.

  1. Making flashcards

When a teacher has their class make flashcards, it’s usually to provide them a studying tool. However, making flashcards isn’t everyone’s preferred studying type. Instead, making flashcards can force a student to do something that is more time-consuming and tedious than helpful. However, it is understandable that the teacher is trying to help the students to study, and giving them points for it, which is why this assignment isn’t very high on this list.

  1. Book Work

Book Work is a basic homework type. It is inescapable as you go through school, which is why it’s so annoying. It is unoriginal and boring, and having book work means you have to lug your heavy book home. Book Work makes you scour through the book, looking for the right answer. It’s also annoying that not all book work can be accurate, make sense, or are in the order of your questions.

  1. Crosswords

There are multiple problems with Crossword Puzzles. For starters, they’re just busy work. They aren’t beneficial to a student’s understanding of a topic. Instead, Crosswords frustrate students because they have to find the correct word that fits in the boxes, especially since multiple words can fit in a set of boxes. The main thing keeping Crosswords from taking the number one spot on this list is that they can help students memorize definitions.

  1. Word Search

Word Searches deserve the number one spot on this list. Scouring a group of randomly organized letters for certain words is a simple concept, but not so easy in practice. It’s easy to skip over a word, as these words can blend in with the rest of the letters. Usually while searching, it’s only possible to focus on two to three words at once, meaning while you search for one word, you will skip over other necessary words. In other instances, there will be part of a word that looks correct until that one letter ruins everything. Multiple words will share letters, making the search even more difficult since you will have to backtrack over words that you already found. Word Searches do even less to help you learn new vocabulary. You are only given words, and you have to find them. There is no challenge besides finding the words.


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