Humble Track Star Stephens Involved at Northrop

Zach Piatt

Sports Editor

Bijay Stephens is one of the most popular students here at Northrop High School. He’s a smart, hard working senior who is a friend of all and is best known for being the captain of the Bruins’ track team.

“Bijay is one of a kind,” said senior McKayla Anderson.

Stephens has many accomplishments for Northrop’s track team, and he hasn’t even started his senior season yet. He placed fifth in the state in the 110 meter hurdles, and was State Runner-Up in the 300 meter hurdles and 4×400 meter relay.

“Bijay is most definitely the hardest working person on the team,” says Northrop track teammate, Reese Fanning. “He not only leads the team in points, but also in leadership and work ethic.”

Stephens is also the captain of his out of school club track team. Last year he was the Indoor State Runner-Up in the 60 meter hurdles and part of the Indoor State Champion 4×400 meter relay team.

“Just when you think Bijay has done it all, he shows the world something else great,” said Anderson.

Track is what Bijay loves to do and it has been a passion of his for years.

“It sounds kind of cliche, but I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without track,” says Stephens. “Sometimes I think how different my life would’ve been if I wouldn’t have stepped on the track. Now I struggle to figure out what I’m going to do once it’s all over.”

Something Bijay would like to pursue in the future is coaching. He wants to share everything he has learned on the track with younger athletes to help them succeed.

Even with all of his accomplishments and all the praise he gets for them, you’ll never hear Bijay talk about it. He’s social with everyone, but he’s humble. He wants to hear what others have to say, not brag about himself.

“I think of Bijay as family,” says Anderson. “You’ll never know all the things he has accomplished in his life unless you’ve stalked him for 18 years.”

A number of colleges are interested in Bijay for track. He, however, is undecided on where he wants to go. His dream school is Ohio State and he’s hoping to receive an offer from them in the near future.

“I’ve been a fan of Ohio State and their track program for a long time and I love the environment of Columbus,” said Stephens.

On paper, Bijay may seem like a fairly mature, professional person, but in reality he’s a unique kid. This quality, along with his athletic talent, could very well be why he’s so popular.

“His goofy personality makes him stand out,” said Anderson.

Bijay is involved in so much more at Northrop than just track. He’s the leader of Northrop’s tailgate, nicknamed “The Den,” which cheers on their classmates at athletic events. He is involved in theater and acted in two of Northrop’s plays. He was also a strong advocate of the Anti-Bully Support Group.

“Bijay has always been caring and willing to go out of his way to do something for another person, regardless of how close they are,” said Anderson.

One of Bijay’s favorite things other than track is volleyball. He watches college volleyball almost every day and plays whenever he can.

On top of everything Bijay is already busy with, he also has a job working at Skyzone.



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