The Key to Team Spirit in Sports

The Volleyball team comes together after a point against Bishop Dwenger early in the season. Photo by Bear Tracks Staff

The Volleyball team comes together after a point against Bishop Dwenger early in the season. Photo by Bear Tracks Staff

Andrew Fisher

Staff Writer

When you’re in a sport, having a strong bond with your teammates is helpful. Even if your sport is an individual sport, such as swimming.

Swimmer Kyla Morris, junior, believes that knowing and befriending your teammates helps to make your sport more enjoyable. “Having that bond gives you a reason to do a sport, other than doing the sport itself. After all, where’s the fun in doing a sport all alone?,” Morris said.

At the competitions, your teammates can help motivate you to do your best. They are there supporting you, and despite how you may feel, it compels you to finish.

They make you feel like you belong. “It helps to know that people depend on you and it helps when they show it,” said Morris.

Sebastian Rengifo, a fellow Junior swimmer, explained, “Your teammates can help to push you to your max, knowing that you aren’t the only one struggling with a certain work-out, helps to make it much more tolerable since you have someone that you can relate to, and someone to complain with.”

Rengifo also admits that teammates can also help you in your overall performance. “They can help to point out what you are doing wrong, since coaches can’t see everything,” states Rengifo.

Some teams take part in activities outside of practice, which strengthen the team bond and gives members memories they will hold onto. Northrop’s Swim Team will often have dinner parties before Swim Meets in order to have fun.

Ian Brubaker, a senior swimmer, often hosts these dinner parties at his house. He always enjoys the events at the parties.

“We usually play card games, watch movies, or just talk and hang out,” said Brubaker. “It’s nice that we can all get together and hang out like this.” Brubaker believes that these events unites the team together.

Overall, having a strong team bond can help anyone in any sport. After all, your teammates are the ones who are always with you, through all the tough practices and competitions. They are the ones who are sitting on the sideline, cheering you on and wishing you luck.


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