Sporcle Provides Hours of Fun

Lexi Crebb
Staff Writer

Sporcle is a website full of trivia quizzes made by online members.

Many trivia topics range from science, history, literature, pop culture, and sports.

It’s really fun and not cheesy at all.

It has a lot of fun topics and subcategories that are great for passing free time, keeping your mind keen, and are considerably educational.

It’s kind of like a large computer version of Trivia Crack.

Sporcle is much bigger though and doesn’t just give you one question and you have to wait for the next one or wait for your turn after you lose.

There are so many different questions to choose from.

Types of question formats range from clickable answers, fill-in-the-blanks, and audio/video quizzes.

My favorite game topics to play are superheroes, literary characters, movies, and video games.

I’ve learned a lot about countries, languages, fun facts, and history myself.

It’s a good website for anyone of any age.

It’s easy enough for kids, has a lot to offer for older kids, and it’s plenty mature for adults.

I recommend this website for quiz games lovers because it really helps with memorization, teaches a lot of new things, and rarely does it disappoint to entertain.



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