Importance of Being Yourself

Bailey Claar

Staff Writer

Seventeen years isn’t a long time to be alive. I still have so much to experience and learn, to a point where it’s honestly mind boggling. I essentially know nothing about the world! But, I feel like one thing has been reoccuringly important to my journey into adulthood is the importance of being yourself.

You see, it hasn’t been proven if there is life on other planets in the universe, so that means I can say that Earth is the most judgemental place ever by default. PEOPLE ARE SO MEAN.

I understand being yourself can be a challenge because it seems as if someone is always out to get you. Your parents, your teachers, your friends, random people on the street; they judge you!

And you know that while they judge you, you may be judging them too! Judgement is everywhere and 100% unavoidable, so why not be authentically yourself? Either way this will be something you have to deal with, you should at least get the better end of the bargain.

On this beautiful, convoluted and somewhat disgusting planet we call home, there is a lot of weird stuff. Like, A LOT of weird stuff. I will bet you anything in the world that you have a characteristic that fits into this category. You are weird. I don’t even know you, but I can say, with full confidence, that some part of you is really strange.

I don’t think this is something we should be scared of, though! It’s like we are taught that fitting in and blending into the crowd is a good thing when in reality we should embrace that we all have this in common. Always appreciate what makes us unique instead of hiding our true selves.

I think a lot of us high school students have trouble with confrontation and owning up to how we think and feel. It’s easy to talk about music or gossip about your classmates, but having an in-depth talk about religion or gun control? That would be so mentally exhausting and I’d have to reveal my true feelings! That literally sounds awful, BUT IT’S NOT! And those feelings stem from being scared to stand out or have people disagree with you in a way that could affect your popularity. I really truly believe that is no way to be. You aren’t making yourself happy by hiding who you really are.

Sometimes, the hardest person to face is yourself. We all fight our own internal battles and we all deserve some happiness, showing who really are to the world is truly a challenge but it is definitely worth it.


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