Windbreakers making fashion comeback

By Carissa Bloom and Gabriel Schmoekel
Staff Writer


Girls with cans of Aquanet. Parachute Pants. Jersey Mall Hair. Windbreakers.

One of these is coming back and thank goodness it’s not Mall Hair or Parachute pants.

Along with flannel, loud colorful windbreakers are coming back into fashion. We polled Northrop’s students asking what their favorite retro trend that’s making a comeback is and this is what we found:


Trend Percentage of Students
Baggy clothes 7%
Windbreakers 34%
High-waisted pants 10%
“Vintage” looking clothes (worn/distressed) 7%
Flannel 23%
Long hair on boys 3%
Crocs 3%
Half-up/half-down hair 13%

Who would’ve thought some of the “worst” trends of the past would be a hit in the twenty-first century? So here’s a reminder: hold onto your statement pieces that you wore in high school, you never know when they’ll pop back up in the fashion world.


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