Making it Last: Nifty tricks to stretch $20 for 2 weeks

Destiny Robinson
Staff Writer

Imagine this you’re hungry, and mom doesn’t cook everyday. She tells you to eat leftovers, but one night of chalupas was enough for you.

You have a job but you are paid every other week and you don’t want to spend all of your money on food. You take $20 out of the bank for food for the  next two weeks. could you make it last?

If mom cooks twice during the week, or if she cooks one day and you eat leftovers one day you could most definitely make $20 last for two weeks for example. You could eat off of McDonald’s dollar menu with a $2 spending limit for a week.

A McDouble from McDonald’s is $1, and a small fry is also $1.37. If not a maybe a McChicken for also $1. If you’re more of a breakfast person then you could go with the sausage McMuffin for $1.19.  

McDonald’s Menu

The next week you could go grocery shopping , and get you some things that would last you for the next week. If you aren’t a McDonald’s person, Burger King could be another way to go. They have their cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken jr., Rodeo Burger, and a small fry all for $1!

Or maybe you’re not the person who likes to go out to eat. You could go to Walmart on a budget and get you something that will last you a whole week. Something like tuna can last you at least four day. At Walmart you can get four cans of tuna for $2.96. If you aren’t a big fan of tuna maybe chicken could hold you over for a few days.

Tyson’s Any’tizers cost $6.21 and could last you a few days (4-5 days). A 150-count bag of pepperoni pizza rolls cost $9.56 and could easily last you a week.

You see $20 could take you a long way when you budget your money. You don’t have to go to places like B-dubs, Applebee’s, Steak n Shake, etc. daily. These are just ways for you to spend your money with more restrictions, and a way for you to save more instead of spending more.


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