Top 5 Annoying Internet Games

Andrew Fisher

Staff Writer

Internet Games can be very annoying. They can make you very aggravated and want to quit. these are my Top 5 Annoying Internet Games that will make you angry.

  1. Impossible Quiz
Impossible Quiz

Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a cute little game where you are (get this) taking a quiz. Seems easy enough, until the answers don’t making any sense after awhile The answer will just be so out there, that you can’t find the answer.

You also only get so many lives, and losing all said lives will make you have to start over. During the earlier questions that’s not so bad, but once you start getting to questions 30 and up, having to completely start over gets so annoying.

  1. World’s Hardest Game 
World's Hardest Game

World’s Hardest Game

The World’s Hardest Game isn’t really that hard. In the game, you play as a square that must collect gold coins scattered across the stage before going to the finish.

The game itself isn’t really that hard, but mistakes are very easy to make. Those mistakes are frustrating because they make you have to start over at the last safe zone you were at. You also have to be very careful not to touch any of the small obstacles blocking your way to the finish, because their patterns get more difficult to notice.

  1. Unfair Mario
Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario is a simple Mario Game, but it’s out to get you.

If it tells you to do something, don’t, or you will most likely die. The game is full of tricks. You will hear the game over theme many times before you beat a level, due to the game’s many traps.

However, Unfair Mario is more predictable as you play it, and thus gets easier.

  1. X.C.V.B.


In X.C.V.B. you play as a pair of arrows trying to reach the end of the level. It sounds easy enough until you notice the controls make the game much more complicated.

Pressing X allows you to change from moving up to down, and pressing C changes you from moving left to right. Then, pressing V actually moves you up or down, and b moves you in the right or left direction.

As you play the game, you will sometimes forget which buttons control which action, leading to many game overs. Also, the background starts to change colors as you play, making the game more hectic and harder to play. Some of the sections need rapid direction changes, which make it very easy to press the wrong button.

  1. Cat Mario 
Cat Mario

Cat Mario

In Cat Mario, you play as a cat in a Mario-esque game where you must reach the finish to beat the level and move on. Cat Mario makes tops the list for a variety of reasons.

For one, there are traps everywhere. What one might think is a safe block to jump on will turn into spikes, or a gap that leads you falling to your doom.

All of the game’s “power ups”, instead of making you stronger, actually kill you. Many of the blocks in the game actually hold enemies as well.

Some parts of Cat Mario require very precise jumping and landing. You have to think and react very quickly. No matter how much effort you put into Cat Mario, though, you will end up dying a lot in the game before you are finally able to beat it.

Senior Alex Sandoval said “Every time I jumped, there  was an invisible block that would stop me and I’d have to start over. The power ups trick you and when you get them, you die.” However, beating the game does give you a great sense of accomplishment.


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