Support for Trump Weak at Northrop

Bailey Claar
Staff Writer

The 2016 Presidential Candidates have proven themselves to be very interesting thus far. While many students are rallying behind Democratic frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, it’s irrefutable that the candidate making the biggest splash in the race is the Republican Donald Trump.

Photo taken from from a C-Span speech in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump is first or second in many presidential polls. Photo taken from from a C-Span speech in New Hampshire.

Trump is a well known business man, mogul and was the star of the reality TV show “The Apprentice,” but his political standpoints and behavior has led some students away from his favor.

“He’s trying to be serious, but certain things he’s said and done make him look like a joke.” said senior Kaiesha Abdullah.

“I think he should stay on TV,” senior Justice Goodwell added.

Trump has said very controversial things about Mexican immigrants in America. Senior Chelly Mendez is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and spoke out against Trump’s words.

“My dad gave up his freedom and liberty to come to this country to give me a better chance at life. For a man like Donald Trump to tell immigrants that they aren’t hard-working and that they aren’t allowed in this country because of their race really upsets me,” she said.

US History teacher Mr. Day says that Trump’s stances have not been consistent.

“What he’s saying now is not what he said 10 years ago,” Day said.

Government teacher Mrs. Binns talked about Trump’s large plans for immigration and that he has a new tax plan coming out. She said to not count him out as a legitimate candidate as he is leading many of the Republican polls and has a large following.

“He’s going to have to find a way to reach people in the middle which means he may have to let up on some of his policies,” Binns said.

Northrop students seem to be discontent with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate but we cannot brush him off based on our school’s general consensus that he isn’t a good choice for America.  What is your opinion on Trump running for president? Tell us how you feel in the poll below!


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